Sacred Body Cleanse

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Sacred Body Cleanse - £70 - 1.5hrs

This is the perfect treatment for where you may Be : -

...  Feeling overwhelmed
...  Experiencing a breakup, or starting a new relationship
...  Starting a new phase or chapter in your life
...  Around a full moon
...  Before or after a woman’s cycle
...  Recovering from an infection
...  Recovering after taking antibiotics
...  Experiencing any life event that has left you feeling out of sorts


This sacred session consists of a pre-consultation which will identify your current needs and target areas. From this pre-consultation specific music will be chosen and played during your treatment, according to what your energy requires.


You will be resting on a treatment bed where essential oils, crystals and herbs will be used to clear stagnant energy within the auric field. A guided meditation will be channelled by Lyndsay who will utilise her spirit ancestors and spirit guides to lead your sub-conscious mind to free itself from current obstacles and cleanse your energy.


This is a very personal and bespoke session according to your needs at the time.


Afterwards you will receive personal feedback on the session from Lyndsay, and select an oracle card for her to read.


There will be an opportunity for Q&A’s also at feedback session.

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