Sacred Moon Wellbeing Centre

An environment where you can relax and de-stress from the world

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Sacred Moon Wellbeing centre!

Lyndsay has been gifted from a young age with the ability to see and sense spirit and energy.

Always conscious of the energies of others and how they are feeling, she grew up with a deep sense of being guided by the presence of her spirit guides later knowing that there was more to life than what our usual five senses can experience.
 At the age of 25 years old, Lyndsay experienced the “call” to begin her spiritual journey.
Signs, synchronicities, messages, knowings, thoughts, feelings and words that weren’t her own, orchestrated every move to lead Lyndsay to the path of her true calling and her true purpose.
In 2017 Sacred Moon Wellbeing Centre was birthed, a peaceful and ambient centre based in Horbury, Wakefield.

The Victorian building is the perfect location for Lyndsay to work with clients, sharing her unique gifts with spirit, to ease them through their journey on the earth plane.

She offers a bridge to spiritual transcendence, navigating the challenges faced by daily life, overcoming outdated conditioning and de-coding long held pre-programmed beliefs that are preventing you from living a much happier life.

Lyndsay channels everything uniquely from her spirit guides the elements and the zodiac system, every client is unique and therefore, every approach she takes is bespoke to that individual client.

Lyndsay’s aim is to assist you to live the most beautiful life possible, giving you the tools to maintain happiness and genuine fulfilment with more than just a touch of  magic

That is your sacred birth right!

Services to Inspire, Love & Heal

Improve and promote your health and well-being

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Ultimate Spiritual Experience £145

This Is A Truly Indulgent Package For Anyone Who Is Looking For The Whole Spiritual Shebang! An Exceptional Half Day Devoted To Your Own Wellbeing

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