Choose From A Range Of Therapies To Meet Your Needs

With over 15 years experience in wellbeing - delivering in house courses/workshops, I am CMA Certified (complementary medical association) with an Advanced CBT Diploma and dedicated to serving the highest levels of in-house wellbeing.

We can tailor our packages to meet your needs, so if you have specific requirements, please get in touch.

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Spiritual CBT

Implementing psychology with spiritual energy. Realigning to your souls true purpose in life.


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Ego Avoidance Energy Therapy

This is a unique tool channelled by Lyndsay only offered @Sacredmoon

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Past Life Regression

This is a very powerful treatment for anyone who has an interest in past lives.


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Aura Cleanse

This treatment is perfect for anyone who is wanting to feel more cleansed and energised


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Sacred Body Cleanse

This is a very personal and bespoke session according to your needs at the time


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Therapy Tarot readings

Therapy tarot is used to support you in a time where your mental health needs some TLC!


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Subconscious Regression Therapy

Hypnosis is one of the best ways to help you access those “buried” memories.

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Inner Child Regression

In this session Lyndsay will access your inner child that is with your subconscious mind.

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Mediumship Reading

In this session Lyndsay will be a conduit for higher energy bridging the nonphysical to the physical.

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Ultimate Spiritual Experience £145

This Is A Truly Indulgent Package For Anyone Who Is Looking For The Whole Spiritual package! An Exceptional Half Day Devoted To Your Own Wellbeing

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