Ego Avoidance Energy Therapy

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Ego avoidance energy therapy - £55 1hr

This is a unique tool channelled by Lyndsay only offered @Sacredmoon

Lyndsay birthed this concept 5 years ago when she was working with spirit in a one-to-one session.


Lyndsay was shown energy through her 3rd eye and could see where suppressed energy was within the body of the client.


Her vision was very clear on what she needed to do with her client to free them from the lower frequencies of trapped emotion.


When an emotion is not fully processed it becomes stuck within the body.


These powerful emotions, and so many others – including traumatic experiences – are felt and expressed in the body in an undeniably physical way. They can also become trapped in the body, as we are often socialised to suppress our feelings, swallow our words, hold back anger and grief, and not prioritise our need for pleasure. Instead of allowing emotions, which is energy in motion, to flow through our bodies, we end up accumulating them in particular parts of the body, which can then manifest in physical discomforts and ills.


After a session with Lyndsay, you will feel so much clearer the results will be instant.


Aftercare and guidance will be given after the session.

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