Spiritual CBT

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Spiritual CBT £45 per session

Lyndsay is a qualified CBT coach (short for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). This therapy is perfect for individuals that are looking for more of an in-depth holistic approach.

Spiritual CBT can treat or help with the following issues :-


Sleep disorders
Eating disorders
OCD – Obsessive – compulsive disorders
Substance use disorders


CBT is designed to help you with the way you think and behave.


In these sessions Lyndsay is combining Psychology with spiritual counselling to treat the individual’s soul as well as mind and body. She will access your higher power/self to explore areas of conflict.


During the first exploratory session the root of the issue is usually identified. From there she will prescribe the correct number of sessions which will be needed to help you to resolve your issue/s which will enable you to be better equipped to deal with things moving forwards.


For Spiritual CBT each client is unique and therefore, each care plan developed following on from the initial session will be totally bespoke and unique to you.

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