Galactic EB

Though we are currently on earth ~ mother Gaia, many of us were seeded on other planets and other galaxies. We may be of arcturian, pleidian, Mintakan and many other star system seeding. This workshop is for you to activate your galactic energy so that you can remember who you are and expand your souls growth.

Lyndsay will hold space and channel energies - galactic, angelic, light language, ancestral - creating a unique experience that will serve to support your spiritual journey and soul growth. Join us in this transformative and enlightening workshop where we will: 

Learn about star systems. 


Connect with galactic energies as Lyndsay holds space and channels. 


Aura cleanse and channeled grounding meditation.


You can expect light language, healing, energetic upgrades and activations.


Begin to recognise our vast heritage and wake up to who we are.


Integrate the activations and set intentions for the future.


Closing with tools to assist you after the workshop has completed.


Investment is £45 


Contact Lyndsay on 07581 187 611 for further information.

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