Do you identify as a people pleaser? Are you ready to shift?

On this special evening we will be taking a very big dive into where people pleasing was birthed. This will be live chandelled by Lyndsay and her galactic guides and higher beings.
There will be cacao plant medicine this will help open you up to drop into the emotional body so we can prepare for the upgrades.
We will be also exploring the subconscious mind and using the law of assumption which is exploring time lines and how you can choose the version of you that already exists.
You will be clearing any blocks that you are holding in the body that keeps you in that state of people pleasing. 
This is going to be massively transformative but you need to show up and be willing to go into the shadows to bring light to it.

Investment is £45

Contact Lyndsay on 07581 187 611 for further information

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