Aura Cleanse

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Aura Cleanse £45 – 45 Mins

This treatment is perfect for anyone who is wanting to feel more cleansed and energised Your Aura is an energy field that we are not trained to see yet it has such an impact on our mental and physical health.

It is constantly contracting with the outside world, yet we can go years without paying any attention to it and that it needs to be looked after.


One of many examples of this - Ever gone to a busy shopping mall and come home feeling absolutely drained or been out to get some shopping from your local food hall and come home feeling out of sorts.


This is a symptom that we have allowed another’s energy to get entangled with yours.


Lyndsay will use either herb essential oils crystals or her spirit guides to clear out any energy that isn’t yours


Ideal treatment for :-


Been in a busy area which has left you drained
After any kind of break up  - friendship/romantic
Setting any type of goal
Any one who feels heavy

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